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Lycoming 320 Series Engines

Lycoming's 320 Series engines are horizontally opposed four-cylinder, air cooled direct-drive engines. The Series includes carbureted and fuel injected models configured for either right or left rotation. Depending on the model, the engines produce between 140 to 160 horsepower and have a recommended maximum Time Between Overhaul of 2000 hours.

Applications Include:
Engine Aircraft Make Aircraft Model
O-320-D2AAlpha Aviation
O-320-B2BAmerican Champion7GCBC & 7GCAA Citabria
O-320-D1AApex (Robin)
O-320-D2AApex (Robin)
O-320-D2AApex (Robin)DR400 160 Regent
O-320-E2AApex (Robin)DR-300/140 Petit Prince
O-320-E2DAvcon Conversion
O-320-D2BBeechM-23 Musketeer
O-320-E2CBeechB23-19 Musketeer III
O-320-E3DBeechB-19 Sport
IO-320-E2BBellanca Citabria
O-320-A2BBellanca7GCBC Citabria
O-320-A2DBellanca7GCBC Citabria
AEIO-320-E1BBellanca8KCAB-CS Decathalon
AEIO-320-E2BBellanca8KCAB Citabria
O-320-B1ACessna170 Doynr Conversion
O-320-D2JCessnaC-172 Skyhawk
O-320-E2DCessnaC-152 Conversion
O-320-E2DCessnaC-172 Skyhawk
O-320-H2ADCessnaC-172-N Skyhawk
IO-320-E2AChampion7KCAB Citabria
O-320-B2BCub Crafters
O-320-D2AFFAAS-202 Bravo
O-320-D1AGrobG115B / G115C
AEIO-320-D1BGrobG-115D2 Heron
O-320-D1DGrummanGA-7 Cougar
O-320-E2GGrummanAA5 Traveler
O-320-D1AGyroflugSC-01B Speed Carnard
AEIO-320-D2BHindustan AeroHT-2
IO-320-D1BLancair Kit (Glasair 320)
IO-320-D1BLancair Lancair 320
IO-320-D1BMBBBO-209 Monsun
IO-320-D1AMonsonBO-209-C MBB
IO-320-B1APalm Beach RoamerPA-30/39 Conversion (Twin Comanche)
O-320-E2APartenaviaP-66B Oscar
IO-320-B1APiperPA-30 Twin Comanche
LIO-320-B1APiperPA-39 Twin Comanche
O-320-A2APiperPA-25 Pawnee
O-320-A2BPiperPA-18-150 Super Cub
O-320-A2BPiperPA-28-150 Cherokee
O-320-A3APiperPA-23 Apache
O-320-A3BPiperPA-23 Apache
O-320-B2APiperPA-22-160 Tri-Pacer
O-320-B2BPiperPA-18 Conversion (Wings Unlimited)
O-320-B2BPiperPA-22-160 Tri-Pacer
O-320-B2BPiperPA-28-160 Tri-Pacer
O-320-B2B** PiperPA-18 Conversion (Wings Unlimited)
O-320-B3BPiperPA-23-160 Apache
O-320-D2APiperPA-28-160 Cherokee
O-320-D3GPiperPA-28-161 Cadet
O-320-D3GPiperPA-28-161 Warrior II
O-320-D3GPiperPA-28-161 Warrior III
O-320-E2APiperPA-28-140 Cherokee Crusier
O-320-E2APiperPA-28-140/150 Cherokee
O-320-E3DPiperPA-22 Tri-Pacer
O-320-E3DPiperPA-28-140 Cherokee
O-320-E3DPiperPA-28-151/or-28-140 Warrior
O-320-D2GRiley RAM Conversion (Cessna)
O-320-D2GRileyC-172 RAM Conversion (Skyhawk)
AEIO-320-D1BSlingsbyT67M Firefly 160
O-320-D2ASOCATATB-9 Tampico
IO-320-B1AStoddard Hamilton Kit (Glasair Super II S)
O-320-D1FStoddard HamiltonGLASTAR
O-320-B3BSUDGY80-160 Gardan
O-320-D1AVan'sRV Kit
O-320-A2CVarga2150A Kachina

Part 145 FAA Repair Station Number: Y2GR396Y / EASA. 145.5936
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